Apple Has Done It Again!

If anyone were hoping that the innovation and drive to be the best would diminish at the Apple Corporation, or that the quest for perfection  would cease to exist  and reduce itself to the status quo of  waiting and copying what everybody else is doing in the digital world,  or even thought that the Apple company’s ability to create and invent continuous high performance devices that would outdistance their competitors  had ended with the departure of its founder, found out on March 7, 2012 that they had been living in a world of make-believe.  Reality hit everyone  with the unveiling of the iPad 3, and the explosion that blasted out was loud and clear and could be heard all around the world. Apple has done it again!

Not that Apple ever gave anyone the impression that they were lost or wringing their hands for new ideas after the sad departure of its founder, but it was generally assumed, in my opinion, by many of Apple’s competitors that they now had time to catch up and  breathe and set their own distinguishable mark  in this highly competitive field.  Some of them probably saw themselves sitting in the front seat on the number one spot, taking over the number one position as the best tablet PC ever–that is until the presentation on March 7, 2012, when Apple threw many of them into a frenzy and sent many research and development people from the different companies back to the drawing board to begin again.

With the introduction of the iPad 3, Apple has shown us again, who is the King on the road among  tablet  PCs in this Post PC era.  The iPad 3 with its HD 1080p resolution, which is even better than the HD on your television, with its image stabilization and its voice dictation, is more than enough to astonish any consumer.

However,  Apple did not satisfy themselves with marginal development. No,  they  stepped out and put a power punch behind the iPad 3 that will take its competitors a little time to recover from. It was their knock out punch as they presented the iPad 3 with its Retina Display,  and threw us into the future with its next generation wireless 4G with DC-HSDPA , LTE, and HSPA+,  and let us not forget to include the fact that they kept the 3 G, so that is also 3G compatible all over the world.

The Apple family of geniuses then crowned the moment with its new A5X chip––the new quad-core powerhouse.  One can only say, “Wow!”

The iPad 3 goes on sale on 16 March in several major countries. A week later, there will be a roll out to other major countries. So please do not panic, there will be enough iPad 3’s for everyone.

I am personally looking forward to its release.  Having already  invested in the first generation iPad, I hesitated to invest in the iPad 2, because I had the feeling that the iPad 3 was going to be a bomber, which it was. The blast was felt everywhere.

As they say in the neighborhood that I grew up in, “they done done it again!”  It is not the best English in the world, because it is slang, but very appropriate for the presentation event of the iPad 3 held on March 7,2012,  “Apple done done it again!”

So, Apple,  thanks for setting the record straight, when it comes to Post PC Era devices you are simply the best!


Pat Garcia

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How-To: Choose the best external hard drive for your Mac (or iOS device!)


For all of you Apple users out there, who are still learning how to get the most benefits out of your MacBook, MacAir, or iMac, here is an excellent piece of advice about external hard drives from someone who knows.

Pat Garcia

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:


I feel old saying this, but having used computers since before external hard drives existed, I can say with certainty that buying a hard drive is easier today than it’s ever been before. For traditional drives, prices are low, options are numerous, and capacities are so high that your only choices are “enough space,” “more than enough space,” and “way more than enough space.” I could point you towards a gigantic 5-Terabyte $139 Seagate USB 3.0 hard drive right now and end this article without another paragraph. Since Apple doesn’t even sell a Mac with that much disk space, you could back up five (or more) computers to that drive without running out of room. Or you could store a decade worth of digital photos alongside a giant media library. For $139!

But buying an external hard drive isn’t necessarily that simple. There are a bunch of factors worth considering before making a purchase, including everything…

View original 1,646 more words

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IMG_0458 We enslave ourselves to traditions and become tragic victims of discontent.

Our hearts yearn for a return to hope, a normalcy that we smother beneath our desires as we hurry along,



And more buying,

Under the deception of preparing for the Christmas feast of hope.

We seek hope, in ourselves, in our politicians, in world governments whether they are Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism: democratic, republic, socialistic, or communistic. However, none of these isms, lics, or tics have helped us find the hope for which we search.

These human designed isms, lics, and tics don’t know that hope. They present us with incongruent resolutions that are transient. Their failures, displayed on television, published on the Internet; printed in the newspapers; heard on the radio, have deadened our human capacity to recognize hope.

Yet, this hope walks among us in those who dare say yes.

“God wants everyone to know this rich and glorious secret inside and out, regardless of their background, regardless of their religious standing. The mystery in a nutshell is just this: Christ in you, the hope of glory) It’s that simple.” COLOSSIANS 1:27, THE MESSAGE*

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year,

Buon Natale a tutti e felice Anno Nuovo,

Feliz Navidad j Prospero Ano Nuevo

Froehe Weihnachten alle und ein gutes Neues Jahr,

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee

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Pat Garcia


*Text changes were made in Colossians 1:27 from THE MESSAGE to offer a better understanding.

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Some Mother’s Heart Is Crying

JD520435Global expansion is inching its way, step by step, across planet Earth––but some mother’s heart is crying.

Lives are being laid down in the Ukraine, Sudan, North Korea, Egypt, Syria and Nigeria––some mother’s child is dead.

Hate, spirited by greed and power, makes men do the detestable; violating the rights of other human beings––some mother’s heart is bleeding.

Some mother’s child in Nigeria is kidnapped from her school and thrown into a story that will mark her life forever––some mother’s heart is broken.

Every second, a mother is crying on this planet as she:

  • Watches her child destroyed by a bomb in a war that she didn’t start
  • Sees her child struggling against a disease for lack of proper medical care
  • Looks at her child starving from hunger in a world where plenty abounds
  • Observes her child drinking infested water that has enough bacteria to kill any animal.

Somewhere, some mothers’ hearts are crying.

Flowers, gifts, travel, and good eating––highlights of frenetic busyness design to show the priceless value of women and the joy of motherhood on Mother’s Day.

“What do you hear, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“I hear the wailing of girls who have been kidnapped, sold into slavery, and sexually abused; I hear the voices of the Amintas’,  Shjahwanas’,  Aishas’,  Asmas’,  Deborahs’, Ruths’,  Esthers’,  Kwantas’,  Kummanis’, Larabes’,  Jummanis’,  Fatimas’,  Palmantas’, Aistatus’,  Kabus’,  Yayis’,  of this world.” And The Prophet began to cry.


“Shh, Shh.” The Prophet whispered.

A dark cloud appeared, and covering his ears, The Prophet said, “Oh, No!” And he shook his head as uncontrollable tears streamed down his face.

“What is it, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“Some mothers’ hearts are crying.”

Yet, we celebrate Mother’s Day.

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Pat Garcia

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Rise Up My Love. The Winter Is Past And Gone.

This time last year my legs were shaky, and I was swaddling around in uncertainties. Disappointed in the progress of my first book I was pondering over whether or not I had the stamina I needed to be the kind of writer that I desired to be.  Rise up my love. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone.

Sure, I got encouragement from other writers.  I even flirted with self-publishing, just to prove a point to myself, but facing my own reality, I knew that wasn’t the problem. The real problem lay within me.  I needed to know within myself whether or not I had something to say, regardless of whether I wrote fiction or non fiction, regardless of whether I was writing a blog article for a senior editor on my platform or for my own blogs. That was the question, and as I said last year in my last blog article I was Caught On My Blindside.

Not to mention that I had surgery, wrestle with the complications of having a sick partner, and living in a foreign country.  But, those were secondary problems that only covered the face of the real problem: what was going on inside of me. Like the Ground Hog article written on February 1st, I tried to leave my hole, but I finally went back in my hole to contemplate my misère.

Anything different from the majority sticks out. I don’t care what it is, and whom you are. You can have the same bone structure, same color of skin and the same hair particles, but you will stick out like a sore thumb when your soul is not at peace with itself.  People recognize that something is going on with you.  They may not be able to identify it, but it hangs like a shroud between you and them until it is resolved.

So there I was in 2013 wrestling with myself in all areas of my life. Wrestling with my soul as I came to grips with the direction I was heading in, which brings me down to what I want to say. Rise up my love. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone.

You’ll find me writing fewer blog posts this year than I have in the past. Not because I have given up writing, but because I decided that what I write has to make a statement. I don’t want to entertain with my blogs. I am trying to jar the minds of men and women and challenge them think, to agree or to disagree with my opinion, in other words, to communicate. It is my desire to establish a dialogue of communication in my blogs.  That means that when I don’t have anything to say, I’ll keep my big mouth shut.

As my mouthpiece, my blogs reflect my experiences on my journey, my beliefs, my struggles, and my overcoming.  They mirror how I see the world.  This does not mean that my view is correct. Many times it might be twisted, but I will never know that unless I challenge myself to listen to what others have to say. Thus, the rhythm of my blogs appearances will change to the following:

  • Walk On – four times a year,
  • Garcia’s Talks about Apple Products – four times a year,
  • Pat Garcia Book Reviews – twelve times a year,
  • Pat Garcia and Everything Must Change – seven times a year,
  • Garcia’s Views on Body Soul and Spirit – four times a year,
  • Wind, Rain, Winding Roads and Sunshine – seven times a year.

This will also give me the time I need to concentrate  on looking for the right agent for my books, establishing a much larger author platform than I have, taking the needed writing courses to improve myself in the ever changing requirements, in the Literary field, and to attend writing workshops that will let editors, agents and publishers know that I am out there.

Some of you know that I am a singer and musician too.  I travel quite a lot, giving concerts and conducting workshops here on the European continent.  Therefore, another reason I needed to structure myself was for my music. Sometime this year, I would like to record a blues CD in cooperation with music and lyrics from a Canadian musician whom I admire deeply.

Without writing and music or music and writing, I am an empty hull searching for air so I can breathe. Rise up my love. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone.

So, as I rise, letting go of the shackles that keep me from moving out into the unknown and launch out on the water before me, I hope to meet you along the way as I travel further.  I invite you to enter into a conversation with me on my blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Linked in, on WordPress, on Blogger, on American Diversity Report or anywhere else that I might write and to let me know how you see things happening around you or share with me your view of your state, country, or the world, and to disagree with me when you have a different point of view.  Disagreeing points of view do not mean that we have to be enemies. It means that we stretch ourselves to learn from each other and hopefully come away respecting the other’s opinion.

Finally, I hope you will share your joys and triumphs.  There is nothing that makes my soul merrier than to be able to listen to others as they share their joys, their happiness, and their struggle to overcome.

Hence, I challenged you to rise and move towards your life’s purpose; to rise from wherever you have hidden yourself, to look at the winter of your journey and say, the winter is over, the rain is past and gone as you move towards that which you know to be your destiny.

So, Rise up my loves wherever you are. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone!

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 Pat Garcia

* Rise up my love. The winter is past and gone.  Song of Songs 2:10-11.  ZONDERVAN. NEW INTERNATIONAL BIBLE.  1984

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Unlike what most people think, peace doesn’t vegetate at MacDonald, Burger King, Wendy’s or Chic-fil-A. You won’t find it at a German diner, a French Cafe or at an Italian restaurant. Neither does it reside at your most favorite steakhouse, nor is its habitat found at your nearest bar.  Like a kernel as small as a mustard seed peace germinates in the hearts of men and women

As the year closes, I look back at 364 days that have been a challenge for all humanity living on planet earth.  Many people died.  Death became an acceptable disease in our societies.  We have become desensitized to the suffering going on in the world. We see children being bombed, maimed, dying of starvation, or some type of curable disease, and we’re thankful that it doesn’t happen in the western world.  We hear the cry for peace, the scream for reconciliation as the roar of machine guns, and the use of chemical weapons become more and more the mode of acceptance, and the guilty receives a slap on the hands for committing a naughty act, and we sit back and flip through the television channels.  Gone are the days when people would march on the streets protesting the violence that we see penetrating itself and spreading out on every continent. Our silence stamps our approval upon the acts being committed, and nothing changes.

We are becoming a hedonistic society that balances our inner mental health on whether or not we have the perfect body, the newest fashion, the largest house, the fanciest car, or the most money, and those things control our hearts. We show those countries living in poverty the values that are important to us, and these people yearn to have the same things. People born in poverty call it the good life.  We magnify this view through television, movies and the Internet, and they learn that a new Cadillac supersedes a sick child, a new Lexus wipes away the guilt of a nuclear catastrophe, the shine on a new Ferrari outweighs the use of Chemical weapons against helpless people and a brand spanking new Mercedes take precedent over laws that forbid selling uranium to nations that repressed and terrorize their citizens.

Have we not learned our lessons from the horrors that took place from 1933 to 1945?

Let us not kid ourselves.  Those same weapons, bombs, guns or whatever that we are producing or sanctioning by not lifting our voices against the policies that are being construed by our governments for the sake of diplomacy, regardless of which country we come from or live in, are the stamp of approval for the destruction of mankind.  We are accessories to the fact and are destroying the souls and bodies of our children.

I am not a pacifist. Believe me, I am not so naive as to think or believe that all mankind can be lovey dovey on this earth. That would be an impossible wish from me that borders on foolishness and stupidity.  However, it is never too late to communicate and relate honestly with integrity towards one another.  People who come together under such an alliance can shake the cruelest of nations.

Thus, as I stand at the doorway of time watching as the year 2014 creep patiently towards us, my New Year’s Resolution resonates in six words, Let there be peace on earth.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Pat Garcia





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Happy New Year! Happy Ground Hog Day!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Happy Ground Hog Day! Yes, I know, my New Year’s greeting is exactly thirty-one days late, and my Ground Hog Day greeting is one day too soon.  Having developed a habit of surfing under during the last half of December and the month of January each year, I use this time to take care of me, to reassess the path I travel, to listen intensively to what my inner voice is saying, and like the ground hog, I surface up one day earlier to check out the world on February 1.

According to the myths passed down through my family, if the ground hog sees it shadow we will have six more week of winter if he does not, then, spring is on its way.

I don’t know how much of that is truth, but one fact was clear for me when I surfaced out of my cubbyhole of self-inclusion this morning; the world is at war.

There is a war going on, people!  One little tiny country is being threatened by every nation surrounding it.  While some countries in another region of the world are being invaded, causing people to leave their homes and find refuge in overcrowded shelters.

Meanwhile, western civilization is securing its borders as suppression and abuse of women and children ravage throughout poverty-stricken countries.

Like the ground hog, I checked out the prognosis for a better 2013. Prognosis:  escalation of wars, more intolerance, and the continued violation of human rights.

Back to the ground hog, if he sees his shadow on February 2, he goes back into his cubbyhole and sleeps until spring. Unlike the ground hog, the luxury of sleeping until spring is out of the question for me.

So, have a good year everyone, and let us hope for a better world to come.

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Pat Garcia

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Adapting to Change – the 4th Generation iPad and the iPhone 5

2012-ipad-compare-ipadrd_LANG_DEAfter months of consideration, I finally decided to jump in the water and purchase the fourth generation iPad and the iPhone 5.  It was my birthday, and Christmas present wrapped into one, and thus a pleasant way to end a year, which was extremely turbulent.

What do I like about the 4th generation iPad?

Sure the retina display is marvelous, but it does not eliminate the fact that the 4th generation iPad requires time and patience.  I jumped from the 1st generation to the 4th, and the differences are quite noticeable, and as Hercule Poirot always said, my little grey cells started smoking from overload.   So with my 1st Gen and my 4th Gen iPad within reaching distance, let us check out the first three differences.

The first one I have already mentioned, and you may have thought as I thought that the retina display was no big deal.  Now I can truly say there’s no comparison.  The 4th generation iPad with its retina display cannot be outdone by any tablet PC on the market. The colors are sharp, clear, and concise, simply a heavenly display.

The second feature, the 4th generation iPad has, is a feature I figured I would never need.  Who needs Siri? I thought, and I did not consider buying the iPhone 4S or the iPad 3, but I have fallen in love with Siri, and I even renamed her.  She is not a female anymore but male.  His name is Alex, and I love my Alex.  It is nice having a male assistant. Why should we women always be the ones to carry out commands?

ImageAlex speaks perfect U.K. English. So, if you want to change the voice from female to male use the U.K. English.  Speaking U.K. English is okay with me because I am presently living in Europe, and I find it genial.  How did I do it? It is easy. I went into settings, and then under General. There you will see Siri. I opened the Siri menu and changed the language from English U.S. to English U.K.  Now I have an Alex from the U.K.  Nice huh. :-)

The third and last feature we will look at today is the camera.  With my 1st generation iPad, a camera was not included. Again, maybe I was experiencing a sour grape phase in my life, but I thought who needs a camera on their iPad. At least I thought so until I got my 4th generation iPad. It is an advantage plus being able to take pictures of documents I need for an article or being able to videoconference right on the spot, if needed.

We will continue to look at the changes in the 4th Gen iPad and also the iPhone 5 in the next articles.

Have a nice evening everyone and enjoy your Apple.









Pat Garcia

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