New Blog Kid On The Block! Learning How To Use Apple Products

If someone tells you that using an iPad,  iPhone,  iPod, MacBook or any other Apple product is easy, then please don’t believe them. There is a big difference between the world of Windows and Apple products, although the Apple products are qualitative better in my opinion, based on my experience.

Ten years ago, I invested in my first Apple product, the iPod. That was a courageous step for someone who had worked with a window’s personal computer, since the first program manager came out on personal computers.  However, being a fan of Steven Jobs and those ‘dare we do it’ people from Apple, it had always been my wish to work exclusively with Apple products.

Therefore, one of my goals has been to move the Mac World into my workplace and become a Mackey.  It has taken some time to reach that goal and I am still striving towards it, but I have made much progress. However, I have noticed over the years that every new piece of technology that I have attained put me into a learning mode, where I had to understand how to use it to get the result that I wanted with my new part, and I usually learn it through the trial and error of making lots of mistakes and learning how to fix them.

No, I am not a tech professional and I did not study Information Technology but I am curious, and my curiosity has taught me how to master Apple products and that is what this blog is all about.

It  is not for the professional who sits there and talks about cloud computing or Google algorithms or how to create their own app program for some special something that they want to see done.  No, this blog is for those beginners like myself, who dare to fulfill a dream and go Apple and then sit at your MacBook Pro or Mac computer or iPad and want to scream, because the explanations that you find on the internet about how to do something are so complicated, that you must have a degree in computer technology to understand what they are trying to explain.

So, we will keep it simple here.  If any Einstein’s care to read it, that is okay. Maybe, they would finally understand that large technical words  are not designed to show off how clever they are when talking with a user.

We will look at Apple products and some of their competitors to keep an open mind, but the main focus is the products from Apple.  Blog postings will occur on Wednesday and Friday.  If it is not possible to cover a topic in one posting, I will write it into two or maybe three parts.

The aim of  this blog will always be to help those users who have decided to step out and fulfill their dream by going Apple.


Pat Garcia


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2 Responses to New Blog Kid On The Block! Learning How To Use Apple Products

  1. Larry says:

    I have decided that my next computer will be an Apple. It will be my first Apple purchase. I hope it is a smooth transition but reading your blog makes me realize I will need patience to adjust.


    • patgarcia says:

      Hi Larry,
      Thank you for reading my blog. You will enjoy the Mac or the MacBook. I am a fan of Apple products. I used windows for years and every year, I became dissatified with the service. Apple not only has great products but their customer service is fantastic.
      Eight years ago, I started out with the iPod, then I bought the iPhone 3G and two years later the iPhone 4 when it came out. For one year and three months I have had the MacBook and I love it. I also work with the iPad and think it is one of the best tools for any writer who wants to have access to a electronic tablet where you can write your notes and afterwards sync them with Scrivener’s writing software right on your Mac or MacBook-
      Of course, it is a new system and takes some getting use to but I don’t believe you will regret it. I haven’t.
      Now that my novel is almost finished and ready for my publisher, I will be writing about more how to articles on Apple products.
      Once again, thank you.


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