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Two weeks ago, we looked into the apps store, and I hope all of you are still having a good time discovering apps that are designed just for you.  Before we continue  with where you may find the iPhone at good prices, let us talk, once more, about some of the apps in the app store.




Are you looking for an app that can work with office documents?  If you are, try Docs-To-Go or Quick office, both are excellent for working with your word documents when you are traveling and you are able to sync them to your computer, once you return.

Another excellent app is Simple Note, which can be synchronized with Scrivener‘s writing software.  This app is especially helpful to bloggers, writers and journalists.  When you are not at your computer and thoughts pop into your head for a good article, then write it down in Simple Note and sync it back to your computer later on.

For those of you who use Scrivener, the good news is, that they have decided to create their own app, and I am one of those people who is looking forward to its  release in the Apple App store.

Evernote is another great app. Once you have used Evernote, you will become a fan of writing down your thoughts with this software app. It can easily be used to maintain your   daily journal, if you have one.

A similar product that compares heavily to  Evernote is Notebooks.  Both apps are great to use. I have them both. Each allows you  the opportunity to save your notes in  separate notebooks within app, which eliminates a lot of clutter in your note taking.

Dropbox, Box and Sugar Sync are also good apps.  They allow you to synchronized photographs, documents with any of the  devices that you are working with and you can share them with whomever you please, if they have either one of these programs on their computer, tablet or mobile telephone.

For people who like to work with PDF documents there are several apps that are useful.  use iAnnotate on the iPad and on the iPhone I use neu.Annotate+PDF. By the way, some of these apps may cost something, but the prices are very reasonable and the apps  are very helpful productive tools that will help you stay on top of things.









Finally, let have some fun and look at the games section.  There is nothing more relaxing than taking a break and letting your mind focus on something else, besides your work.  Especially if you are a writer, thoughts can come at you and suddenly you are tired.  At those times, take a short ten minutes break and play solitaire, or checkers, or chess, or bridge, or some other type of game that you may love. If games do not interest you, then try the iBooks or download Ereader. They have a great selection of classics and some are free.

If you have discovered an app that is very helpful to you, I would love to hear from your comments about how it helps you to stay in control of your day.


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2 Responses to The Apple Apps Store

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey Patty, you talked about some cool apps there, evernote being one of my faves. I noticed you have the olive tree bible reader, also a fave. I also use the WordPress app lots for my phone and also wunderlist. I used to use awesomenote which really is awesome, the the combination of Evernote and wunderlist is better for me. You can also access wunderlist through any web browser too, so I can jot down to do’s at work. Peace!


    • patgarcia says:

      Hi Aaron,

      I had not tried wunderlist but I will download it because I use Evernote a lot. Evernote is fantastic and I like that you can break it down into separate journals. That is excellent gor writers like myself.
      Have a great day.



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