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Do you have problems with spammers  trying to load your website with a lot of junk?  If you do, you are not alone.  Even though you may moderate, and I do moderate my account, it never fails, some smart guy wants to sell timberland or promote cialis or a pocketbook with your website as the target for the contact.  It doesn’t help to protest against these things because spamming is like graffiti on walls written in train stations, on houses, buildings and wherever else you may find it.  It is unwanted thrash that you just do not want to see on your website or your building or your car.

I hear you saying this has nothing to do with Apple products, but maybe it has.  Why hasn’t the industry developed an app against spamming. I am sure that  the need is there and I don’t have any doubts about the app becoming a runner. It would probably sell into the billions in two or three days.  Can you imagine it?  Anti-Spam app cause traffic jam on the internet highway!







By the way, are you looking for a way to convert your favourite song to a ring tone and use it as the ring tone  on your iPhone? If so, try one of my favourite apps, MP3 to Ring Tone.  I believe you will love it. You may find it in the Apple app store.

Getting back to the spammers, what do you do about them?

  1. Moderate your website daily.
  2. Make sure you have to approve anything that is posted.

Build up your tolerance. People who spam have been around since  people were on the earth.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Pat Garcia



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3 Responses to MP3 to Ring Tone

  1. linneann says:

    I have two questions for you. First, what do you mean by moderate? I have a Mac OS X. Second, can you recommend an inexpensive photo-editing software product? I don’t particularly like iPhoto. Thank you.


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  3. patgarcia says:

    Hello Linneann,
    Excuse me for taking so long to get back to you, but I was very busy getting my first novel out to my publisher for a writing contest. Give me three or four days and I will get back to you concerning both questions.
    Once again, I am sorry about the delay.


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