Working With The Documents To Go App On Your iPad

The iPad 3 is on the way and speculations about it, such as, whether or not it will have a new processor, the supposedly A6, or whether it will be thicker or thinner, or whether Apple will follow the same price politics as always will finally be answered.

However, that is not my topic for today.  It is nice to speculate, but it is even better when we deal with the devices that we already have and learn how to use them.   Recently, someone asked me whether the iPad has a Microsoft Office App.  At the moment, I can say no but there are apps on the iPad that let you work with your office documents and sync them back to your computer.

Two of the apps are called Docs-to-go, short form for Documents To Go ®Premium-Office Suite and Quick office and I mentioned both in a previous blog while writing about the iPhone. However, one of my readers asked, “How do they work asked my friend?”

So today, here is a simple description of how Documents To Go works for you, if you need to work on your office documents while on the go.

First, you must buy the app from the Apple app store and let it install itself on your iPad.  With Docs-To-Go you may work on any office document regardless of whether it is word, power point, excel, as well as look at PDF documents, iWork‘s and other data.

To insure that you have the right Documents To Go App, check to see if the app is from DataViz. Also, the premium version is the version that allows you to work with all office documents including the office 2007, 2008 and 2010 document, and also to establish a new document if you require it.

I hear you asking, but how do I get them on my iPad.

After loading the docs-to-go app on your iPad, go to your Mac, or MacBook or desktop computer and download the program on your computer.  Don’t worry the desktop version is free.  After downloading your desktop version and registering, the next step is to link the desktop version of docs-to-go with the docs-to-go on your iPad.

  1. Turning on your iPad, please make sure that your Wi-Fi and is enabled. Also, make sure that Bonjour is enabled. If Bonjour is not enabled you will not be able to pair your iPad with your desktop computer.  To find out if Bonjour is able the best thing to do is to go to the Dataviz website and follow their steps on finding out whether or not your Bonjour in iTunes is enabled.  You may find the steps at the following website:
  2. After your desktop version has found your iPad, it will give you four numbers to tip into the iPad version of your documents to go app. Voila, your iPad is now paired with your desktop computer and you can begin the most important function of pulling the files you need to work from your computer and transferring them to your iPad.

How do I transfer the files from my computer to my iPad?

  1. Open up your desktop documents to go application.
  2. Go to add folder in your documents to go program and choose the files from your desktop that you would like to work with.
  3. Once you have added a folder, you can edit the folder and decide which documents you want to sync within that folder by adding or taking away the check mark beside it.

If you have done all of this correctly, you are ready to use documents to go.

In order to start a new word, excel or power point document from the documents to go app on your iPad, open it and go to local down at the bottom of your app on your iPad.  There is a small page button with a plus sign. Touch this symbol and it will open up and display a word document, excel document, power point document and email with attachments.  Tapping on any one of these things will give you a new document window.

You are now up and ready to use documents to go.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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  1. Peggy Strack says:

    Thanks, Patrica. Very helpful post. You know your I-Pad.


    • patgarcia says:

      Hello Peggy
      Thanks for the comment. I have been very busy getting my first novel ready for the publisher and I have decided to take the time to thank the people who respond on my blogs. So thank you very much for reading.
      Even though I did not study Information Technology, I love it and what is happening now in that world is absolutely fantastic.
      Have a nice weekend and once again


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