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One of the nicest pieces of software to work with if you have a MacBook, iPad or iPhone is Pages.  It is very similar to Microsoft Word, only Word offers much more variety.  However, if you are looking for a good simple working tool that offers you almost everything that you would get in Microsoft Word, and you have not yet invested in the Word or the office suite, then pages is cheaper and it has lots to offer.

Pages will take some getting used to if you have been working with Microsoft Word, but it is an excellent tool for writers writing their novels, bloggers who blog and journalist who use the iPad as the handy notebook to take notes with.   Before switching over to Pages, however, insure that your publisher or editor can receive your documents without any problems.  I say this, because the majority of the industry, regardless of which field you are writing for use Microsoft Office, respectively, Microsoft Word as their main word processor. Pages is still Word’s  little brother.

So, what is the difference? Not much.  The difference comes with the formatting and the fonts.  Pages does not come with the numerous fonts that are in Word.

  1. Both have menus that appear at the top and both have cloud space. Microsoft has SkyDrive and Pages has  Also Pages menus drop down on your Pages document.
  2. Microsoft has fonts out of this world that Pages does not have.  Therefore, if you are converting a document from Word to Pages, and the font is incompatible to the Pages document, Pages will choose a font that is compatible to it, which will probably mess with your formatting.
  3. Pages has excellent templates. The designs are outstanding, but Microsoft is slowly catching up.
  4. Microsoft word remains the number one  word processor tool that can do all––and is found in most big corporations––however,  smaller firms and self-employed people are beginning to discover Pages. It fits their budgets.

Therefore, if you have a Mac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone or have just invested in  the Apple family and have not invested in a Word Processing software as of yet, you may want to look into Pages. It is cheaper and very easy to use.


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4 Responses to Working With Pages

  1. Aaron says:

    I am also a Pages user (on OSX, dont have an ipad) and really like it. I agree it has less features, but does have the ones I actually use day-to-day and is efficient to use. I found it gives much better results when working with graphics too, and has better border & shadow effects. I also like that export to PDF is standard, and thats its relatively good at import/exporting different file formats including doc and docx and all the open file formats.


  2. Subhan Zein says:

    I was going to comment on the Apple post, but the comment section was closed. I wonder why? So I’m just commenting here. I haven’t bought an IPad3, as I am comfortable with my current Ipad2. When it comes to technology, I am always late. Perhaps later when they have developed IPad4 or IPad5 that I will buy an IPad3, I don’t know? But yeah, thanks for your post. I definitely agree with you. The Apple made have made huge feats with a range of their products. 🙂

    Subhan Zein


    • patgarcia says:

      Thank you for commenting. The fact that you could not comment was do to my closing the comments to early. Sorry about that. It has been corrected. I have the first generation iPad and it is fantastic. I don’t plan on exchanging it until I see the need for a new one. I am an Apple fan, but it bothers me that people go around trying to keep up with the latest developments. That is not the purpose of technology and it shows a strand of something that is very dangerous to any society, and that strand is the spirit of jealousy or trying to keep up with the joneses. That destroys and that is a pity.
      I still have my iPod from 2003 and it works fantastic. Having a new iPod will not compensate a need, and it is all about whether I need it or not. So, I won’t be buying the iPad 2 or 3. Like you, I will either buy the iPad 5 or 6 unless the need arise sooner, which I hope not.
      What I would like to invest in is the MacAir. Even though I use my first generation iPad for almost everything, I would like to have the MacAir for more comfortability when I am working late nights. But again, I say that is more of a want than a need and I haven’t bought it yet because of that. The want says, it is a cute thing to buy, and my need says, but it can wait. So you see, I think long and hard, examining my own reason for buying something before I buy it.
      Thank you for your comments and thanks for visiting my blogs. It makes me happy, because I so enjoy visiting your blogs and reading your writing. You are truly blessed with a beautiful gift of words, and I feel a oneness, an agreement in our spirits.


      • Subhan Zein says:

        Thank you, Pat. We share one thing in common: We both love Apple. 🙂 I guess in the future I will buy more of Apple products. Many blessings to you. Have a great weekend. 🙂

        Subhan Zein


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