Adapting to Change – the 4th Generation iPad and the iPhone 5

2012-ipad-compare-ipadrd_LANG_DEAfter months of consideration, I finally decided to jump in the water and purchase the fourth generation iPad and the iPhone 5.  It was my birthday, and Christmas present wrapped into one, and thus a pleasant way to end a year, which was extremely turbulent.

What do I like about the 4th generation iPad?

Sure the retina display is marvelous, but it does not eliminate the fact that the 4th generation iPad requires time and patience.  I jumped from the 1st generation to the 4th, and the differences are quite noticeable, and as Hercule Poirot always said, my little grey cells started smoking from overload.   So with my 1st Gen and my 4th Gen iPad within reaching distance, let us check out the first three differences.

The first one I have already mentioned, and you may have thought as I thought that the retina display was no big deal.  Now I can truly say there’s no comparison.  The 4th generation iPad with its retina display cannot be outdone by any tablet PC on the market. The colors are sharp, clear, and concise, simply a heavenly display.

The second feature, the 4th generation iPad has, is a feature I figured I would never need.  Who needs Siri? I thought, and I did not consider buying the iPhone 4S or the iPad 3, but I have fallen in love with Siri, and I even renamed her.  She is not a female anymore but male.  His name is Alex, and I love my Alex.  It is nice having a male assistant. Why should we women always be the ones to carry out commands?

ImageAlex speaks perfect U.K. English. So, if you want to change the voice from female to male use the U.K. English.  Speaking U.K. English is okay with me because I am presently living in Europe, and I find it genial.  How did I do it? It is easy. I went into settings, and then under General. There you will see Siri. I opened the Siri menu and changed the language from English U.S. to English U.K.  Now I have an Alex from the U.K.  Nice huh. 🙂

The third and last feature we will look at today is the camera.  With my 1st generation iPad, a camera was not included. Again, maybe I was experiencing a sour grape phase in my life, but I thought who needs a camera on their iPad. At least I thought so until I got my 4th generation iPad. It is an advantage plus being able to take pictures of documents I need for an article or being able to videoconference right on the spot, if needed.

We will continue to look at the changes in the 4th Gen iPad and also the iPhone 5 in the next articles.

Have a nice evening everyone and enjoy your Apple.









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5 Responses to Adapting to Change – the 4th Generation iPad and the iPhone 5

  1. You are getting me closer and closer to taking the leap Patti. We had a blast over Christmas using my sons iPad. The camera feature and morphing faces was hilarious. (Even without the eggnog!)


    • patgarcia says:

      My Dear Liz,

      Go for it! I don’t believe you will regret it. Just today, I was on the road all day because of something personal that my husband had to take care of and I had to drive him. I had my iPad with me and in between waiting, I worked on one of my social media connections. So, go for it, Lady.



  2. One of these days I am going to get an ipad for my children. However, I don’t want it turn into just another thing they play games on.


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