Happy New Year! Happy Ground Hog Day!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Happy Ground Hog Day! Yes, I know, my New Year’s greeting is exactly thirty-one days late, and my Ground Hog Day greeting is one day too soon.  Having developed a habit of surfing under during the last half of December and the month of January each year, I use this time to take care of me, to reassess the path I travel, to listen intensively to what my inner voice is saying, and like the ground hog, I surface up one day earlier to check out the world on February 1.

According to the myths passed down through my family, if the ground hog sees it shadow we will have six more week of winter if he does not, then, spring is on its way.

I don’t know how much of that is truth, but one fact was clear for me when I surfaced out of my cubbyhole of self-inclusion this morning; the world is at war.

There is a war going on, people!  One little tiny country is being threatened by every nation surrounding it.  While some countries in another region of the world are being invaded, causing people to leave their homes and find refuge in overcrowded shelters.

Meanwhile, western civilization is securing its borders as suppression and abuse of women and children ravage throughout poverty-stricken countries.

Like the ground hog, I checked out the prognosis for a better 2013. Prognosis:  escalation of wars, more intolerance, and the continued violation of human rights.

Back to the ground hog, if he sees his shadow on February 2, he goes back into his cubbyhole and sleeps until spring. Unlike the ground hog, the luxury of sleeping until spring is out of the question for me.

So, have a good year everyone, and let us hope for a better world to come.

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8 Responses to Happy New Year! Happy Ground Hog Day!

  1. Peggi Tustan says:

    Hoping and praying along with you, friend!


  2. First Patricia I think you look so cute with your hair up!
    I almost feel like going into a hole like the groudhog at times. I get angry from the reports of the world at unrest, the abuse, suppression and the list goes on. I wise man once said, having peace in your life does not mean staying ignorant of all the turmoil in the world and those who are close to you. It means you are able to have a calm heart in the middle of it all. I do lose it every once in a while and vent – really vent – but I try to embrace the words he spoke. Then I can poke my head up again and look around. (and not vent!)
    Good post Patricia!
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Hugs!


    • patgarcia says:

      My Dear Liz,

      Thank you and thank you for noticing my new look. You were the first one. It feels good being back in my cornrows. They are a display of the fighting spirit in me.
      Your words of wisdom mean a lot to me.
      I send you feelings of love and hope that your weekend will be great. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll enjoy it with a fourth generation iPad.



  3. Lester Young says:

    Hi Pat,
    Our future is always bright in the Lord, because He will keep all His promises to His children!
    I’ve nominated you for the Semper Fidelis Award; you can visit my site for the details. Congratulations, and God bless you!



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    • patgarcia says:

      My Dear Liz,
      Happy New Year!
      I sincerely hope you are fine. I am so sorry for getting back so late, but I want you to know that I really appreciate your being there for me.
      Take care my dear and may you have a prosperous 2014.



  5. Raani York says:

    I’m with you, Patti!! Miss you and hope to hear from you soon!!


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