Some Mother’s Heart Is Crying

JD520435Global expansion is inching its way, step by step, across planet Earth––but some mother’s heart is crying.

Lives are being laid down in the Ukraine, Sudan, North Korea, Egypt, Syria and Nigeria––some mother’s child is dead.

Hate, spirited by greed and power, makes men do the detestable; violating the rights of other human beings––some mother’s heart is bleeding.

Some mother’s child in Nigeria is kidnapped from her school and thrown into a story that will mark her life forever––some mother’s heart is broken.

Every second, a mother is crying on this planet as she:

  • Watches her child destroyed by a bomb in a war that she didn’t start
  • Sees her child struggling against a disease for lack of proper medical care
  • Looks at her child starving from hunger in a world where plenty abounds
  • Observes her child drinking infested water that has enough bacteria to kill any animal.

Somewhere, some mothers’ hearts are crying.

Flowers, gifts, travel, and good eating––highlights of frenetic busyness design to show the priceless value of women and the joy of motherhood on Mother’s Day.

“What do you hear, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“I hear the wailing of girls who have been kidnapped, sold into slavery, and sexually abused; I hear the voices of the Amintas’,  Shjahwanas’,  Aishas’,  Asmas’,  Deborahs’, Ruths’,  Esthers’,  Kwantas’,  Kummanis’, Larabes’,  Jummanis’,  Fatimas’,  Palmantas’, Aistatus’,  Kabus’,  Yayis’,  of this world.” And The Prophet began to cry.


“Shh, Shh.” The Prophet whispered.

A dark cloud appeared, and covering his ears, The Prophet said, “Oh, No!” And he shook his head as uncontrollable tears streamed down his face.

“What is it, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“Some mothers’ hearts are crying.”

Yet, we celebrate Mother’s Day.

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6 Responses to Some Mother’s Heart Is Crying

  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Wow, you really pulled on my own heartstrings today. It’s truly hard to enjoy Mother’s Day when so many mothers are weeping for their lost children. As I cry out to God to stop the slaughter of our children, I praise Him that on this day, at least, my own are safe.

    Love, micki


    • patgarcia says:

      My Dear Friend,

      How sweet to hear those words. Too many of us that live in countries where the dignity and respect of human beings are counted as inalienable rights forget that these assumptions are not respected in many parts of the world. For those mothers, I have to speak out and I am thankful that I was in a country and live on a continent where women are counted as equal and considered human beings and not cattle or the worse scum on the earth.



  2. Raani York says:

    This really brought me close to tears, Patti. Even if I read it again… it’s just touching….


  3. Ann Biller says:

    As I read Micki’s comments above, I too, realize how fortunate I am this Mother’s Day to have a wonderful family close to me this Mother’s Day. This article makes us stop and think about the less fortunate in the world, and there are so many of them. Let us remember to pray for them daily. Even in our country of the USA, there are many mothers who need our prayers, and many families who can not be together for various reasons on Mother’s Day. Thank you, Pat, for allowing us to stop, and think of the mothers who do need our daily prayers.


    • patgarcia says:

      My Dearest Friend,
      You are so welcome, and I thank you for your loyalty and support. You are a blessing to me.



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