Good morning everyone,

It’s raining in my part of Europe. I woke up this morning and the raindrops were beating against my window pane.

So, all the more important it is to start my week with the MONDAY FUNNIES with MAXINE. This little old/young lady will make the tears come in your eyes with her way of looking at life. Her wisdom amazes and after laughing your head off, you can’t help but wonder at the hidden truths she expounds upon.

Thanks, Chris, for your wonderful blog.

Pat Garcia

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5 Responses to MONDAY FUNNIES with MAXINE…

  1. Thanks for spreading the smiles Pat 😀


  2. So hilarious, really!! LOL Thanks for sharing it, Patti. ❤


  3. TBM says:

    Decaf Mondays. Are there such a thing?


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