Viewpoint: Precedent Historical Repetition

History is repeating itself. The age of Humanism is slowly marching off the world stage, but what comes next?  Precedent historical repetition says that sooner or later another nation will rise. After all, the human race has lived through the rise and fall of many great nations. History is repeating itself.

The situation among the cultures is precarious. The Iron Curtain is slowly rising out of its sleep and finding its home among nations that want to protect their economy and the pure ethnicity of their race. Cultural diversity is leaving the stage. History is repeating itself.

The rudimentary ordinances of nature are being disobeyed. What was once one plus one equals two is now one plus one equals whatever makes you feel good. History is repeating itself.

Over one million people are on the run. The number of people who have died so far on the ground, in airplanes, in the seas is heartbreaking. Men talked, yet children cry, children die, women cry, women die. History is repeating itself.

In every corner of the world, there is tumult. Philosophical antagonism demands closed borders.  An antagonism based on supremacy, it has plummeted us even nearer to a world war. It enacts to dominate, to make all men and women think alike. This antagonism has no mercy, no understanding, and no love. History is repeating itself.

“What are you doing, Child?” The Prophet asked.

“Watching the New Year come in over the earth.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“No, it’s not nice Prophet. It’s sad.”

“Why, Child. What do you see?”

“In every corner, I see children starving, women crying, human life wasted. Prophet, don’t people ever read about the past?”

“No, Child. That’s why History repeats itself.”


Happy New Year Everyone,

Alles Gute Zum Neuen Jahr Alle,

Bonne Nouvelle Pour Tout Le Monde,

Feliz Nuevo A Todo El Mundo,

Felice Nuovo Per Tutti,

L’Shana Tova,


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Shalom Aleichem,

Pat Garcia

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16 Responses to Viewpoint: Precedent Historical Repetition

  1. I think we all see this Pat, what I do not understand is why do we do nothing about it? I wrote about this years ago “Can You Hear The Rumbling” it was not popular. It is coming to pass now.
    Great Post. I fear that History IS repeating itself.


    • patgarcia says:

      Hello My Dear Patricia,
      I am so happy to hear that you wrote about this. Even though it is an older article, why don’t you run a repeat. Do it again because it is so relevant to the time. Maybe, we can open a fear ears and people will listen.

      Thank you so much for dropping by.


  2. What a wonderful and unique blog post, Patti! I loved the read.


    • patgarcia says:

      My Dear A.J.
      Thank you. To be quite honest, I had scheduled this to go out on January 1st with the rest of my blogs. This one got hung up somewhere in cyberspace or I put in the wrong date. So, I was very surprised to wake up the morning of January 31st and see it had been published. Interesting.

      I sincerely hope you are fine.


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Micki Peluso says:

    Reblogged this on mallie1025 and commented:
    This is an accurate dissertation on a future that predicts a world of chaos and death.


  4. Micki Peluso says:

    Well said, my friend and so very sad. I often feel like that little girl, sad for a future that looks bleak, nurtured by the apathy of those who think it will never happen to them.


    • patgarcia says:

      Hello My Dear Friend,
      Thank you so much. Yes, I understand exactly what you mean because I often feel like that little girls also. When I see the destruction of human lives, I wonder where is the cry for peace and love.


  5. cleemckenzie says:

    Ouroboros is so a part of our human psyche that I wonder if we could undo that snake from its tail even if we all studied history assiduously. But we shouldn’t stop trying, and your post is a tap on the shoulder for all of us. Look back. Pay attention. Advocate for change. Well done.


    • patgarcia says:

      Hi Clee,
      Thank you so much for dropping by. You know, I wish we could undo the snake, but honestly I don’t think we can. That would mean changing our way of thinking and I don’t know if we want peace bad enough to do what is necessary to have it.


  6. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    Powerful post Patricia. I shudder to think where our world is headed. So much violence, so much death, so much destruction, especially the destruction of spirit… Where will it lead?? I’m afraid to find out…

    Michele at Angels Bark


  7. I am amazed how much people don’t know about the past, how little schools teach of it. This is another topic that must be adopted by parents: To educate their children on history.


    • patgarcia says:

      I am beginning to think that most people don’t have a shimmer about the rise and fall of all the empires that have existed on planet earth. For them, the first empire was probably England. They would be surprised to find out that the Akkadian Empire is considered to be the first and that was in B.C. and not A.D. and that it was not in Europe. Thank you so much for dropping by.


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