Book Quote Challenge: Day One

Many thanks to Ajoobacats for inviting me to participate in the Book Quote Challenge.

I have to present three quotes per day by an author  of my choice for three consecutive days.  My quotes for today come for The Hot Pink Farmhouse by David Handler.


“Think of yourself as growing one day younger each and every day for the rest of your life.”

The Hot Pink Farmhouse by David Handler

“Children in pre-school art classes can do three-point perspective without a hitch. They ace it. It’s only we adults who have trouble with it. You must break free of your adult mind. See as a child sees. Accept as a child accepts.”

The Hot Pink Farmhouse by David Handler

“Life is freakin’ weird. Get used to it.”

The Hot Pink Farmhouse by David Handler

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Shalom Aleichem,

Pat Garcia

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10 Responses to Book Quote Challenge: Day One

  1. Susan Scott says:

    Good quotes thanks Pat!


  2. I love these quotes. Very well done. And I’m already curious about your next choice. 🙂


  3. Micki Peluso says:

    I love quotes and these were awesome!!!


  4. Lovely quotes. I am often amazed at the openness of a child’s mind. I like my habits–they help me move more quickly through an over-busy day, but I still miss that ability to see what could be.


    • patgarcia says:

      Thank you, Jacqui. I am looking for a way to combine the two. Somehow or other, I believe the child in us would like to have center stage sometime. I believe it would strengthen our creativity.


  5. amommasview says:

    That’s a good one!


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