Monday Funnies…

Hello Everyone,
Here are some truths about Mobiles courtesy of Chris’s The Story Reading Ape’s Blog. They are funny but we really need to think about what is happening to us.
Have a great week!
Pat Garcia

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7 Responses to Monday Funnies…

  1. Well done. Chris has such a sense of humor. I love his Funnies’ days.


    • patgarcia says:

      So true. He has a great sense of humor. As a kid, I loved the funnies and I fell in love with Doonesbury and also Charlie Brown with his dog Snoopy at University. So, I look forward to Chris’s funnies after the weekend.


  2. OMG – so funny – and so true. 🙂 LOL Thanks for the giggle, Patti! 🙂


  3. BTW, I’m traveling with my 28year old son this week and he had no idea it’s rude to read your phone while eating with someone else. This is a kid who waits until eceyone is served before starting to eat.

    Being the Kim, I accepted this as a teachable moment.


  4. amommasview says:

    Love it 🙂


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