The iPad Pro and its Keyboard








The iPad Pro has a keyboard, and it can be purchased with it or later. I hear you saying that is nothing new; the iPad Air has its own keyboard too.








However, it is not as comfortable to use as the keyboard that belongs to the iPad Pro. I have both keyboards, and I can say that with the iPad 4, I preferred to use the virtual keyboard.








With the iPad Pro, I love using the keyboard that attaches easily to it. It feels like I am using my computer keyboard.







How do you attach it? Easy. The connection is on the side, and like a magnet, it aligns with the three points on the side of the iPad Pro.








Here is a picture from the side in my  office with paper everywhere, but I am a writer.


Until the September 30th, be safe.

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia August 13 2016





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  1. Love my ipad pro. Typing this out with my smart keyboard.


  2. Very useful. I’m looking at the iPad Pro.


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