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Rise Up My Love. The Winter Is Past And Gone.

This time last year my legs were shaky, and I was swaddling around in uncertainties. Disappointed in the progress of my first book I was pondering over whether or not I had the stamina I needed to be the kind … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks go out to Michelle Yomicfit at http://yomicfit.wordpress.com who has nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Michelle has a fitness blog, and one of the reasons that I follow her blog closely is because of the helpful tips … Continue reading


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Inspiring Blog Award

The award season for bloggers has begun and it is always an honor when someone thinks so highly of what you write that they nominate you.   My heartfelt thanks goes out to Liz Blackmore who herself has a beautiful, inspiring … Continue reading

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Thank you!

I believe everyone meets up with people who have the capacity to change his or her life.  Whether or not we decide to let that change happen is our decision. However, it is what we do  or how we react … Continue reading

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